A few words about me

Even as a teenager, I asked myself a lot of questions that in turn questioned the world I grew up in and the conventional path I should go. An apprenticeship at the commercial academy, studies at the HAW in Hamburg, 10 years in the fashion industry as a designer, product manager and team leader. This is what my world looked like until I switched to self-employment, regained my strength and felt like a human again. It took a long time. Now I have been self-employed since 2017 with a lot of heart and soul and above all with joy, enthusiasm and love.

The inner call is stronger than the mind.

I experienced a deep breakthrough in my spirituality in 2009 in my first Vipassana retreat in Triebel. Since then I have dealt intensively with different philosophies, ways of life and world views. Meditation, yoga and Ayurveda became my daily companions. I enthusiastically completed one training course after another. Yoga teacher (BYV), Ayurveda masseur (BYVG), Ayurvedic nutritionist (Ayuskama School Rishikesh) and fasting leader (HP Schule I. Richter), spiritual advisor, holistic therapist, Reiki teacher (all with Inge Schubert), expression painter (Susanne H├Ącker), etc. And it doesn't stop getting exciting. My travels to Asia, America, India and Europe have made me a cosmopolitan. In 2020 I dared to emigrate to Spain and I am enthusiastically pursuing my calling.

And why Ayurveda?

Over time I became a huge fan of Ayurveda. Enthusiastic about Ayurvedic teas, fragrances, oils, spices, massages and dishes, I read everything about Ayurveda that I could get my hands on and tried everything possible. Then I completed several training courses in Germany and India. I discovered my love for massage and the associated opportunity to support people in their health and wellbeing. My preference for healthy eating was fully developed in Ayurvedic cuisine. The magic of Ayurvedic spices, the scents, colors and my new diet - adapted to my constitution type Pitta-Vata are pure blessings. I found a deep understanding of Ayurveda teaching in me. The knowledge didn't feel new to me, it felt like it was deeply rooted in me.
I just had to dust it off.

And now I help people as an Ayurvedic nutritionist to gain a deeper understanding of their diet, their body and mind in order to experience more well-being, love and joy again. Special nutrition plans as well as cooking and recipe recommendations from Ayurvedic cuisine and nutritional theory give you completely new impulses and suggestions for everyday life.

What do I value the most?
Creativity, freedom, meaningfulness, truth, compassion and joy.

Monika Jyoti Krabac