Nutrition from the perspective of Ayurveda

Proper nutrition is the key to our physical and emotional wellbeing. With our food we have a direct influence on physical health and emotional balance. Ayurvedic nutrition is a holistic nutritional system that differentiates between the different needs of people. The metabolism is supported in its digestive and renewal processes according to type. Special foods and spices are also used in such a way that they prevent diseases and treat them from a diet. Based on this Ayurveda knowledge, menus and meal plans are put together that optimally control the body, satisfy the senses and balance the psyche. There are many different reasons to eat Ayurvedic: the selection and preparation is adapted to the phases of life, seasons and times of the day as well as to the individual constitution. There are many great, quick recipes as well as special diets and cures that promote the healing and rejuvenation process.

As a nutritionist, I help people to gain a deeper understanding of their diet in order to experience more well-being, enjoyment and joy again. Special nutrition plans and cooking and recipe recommendations from Ayurvedic cuisine and nutritional theory give you completely new impulses and suggestions for everyday life. We also look at your life path and your habits in order to find weak points and / or blockages that slow you down and weaken your health.
Nutritional advice:
  • 60Min. 45€    
  • 90Min. 55€