Ayurvedic Detox

"According to Ayurveda, people are healthy when they take in what they need from the cosmos and then give back what they need. There is a healthy balance between taking and giving.
When this balance is lost, illness and malaise arise. "
Nicky Sitaram Sabnis

There are many ways in Ayurveda how one can restore balance. Supportive measures include, for example, nutrition and cleansing of the body and mind. Special purification and detoxification programs are recommended. Through these cleansing measures, physical and mental strength can be restored. Many waste products (ama) such as drug residues, excess acids, environmental toxins that could not be excreted and that put a lot of strain on the body collect in the body. That is why Ayurveda recommends purifying the body regularly.

The Ayurvedic fasting cure lasts between three and ten days. Each cure is individual and is adapted to the existing constitution type. The Kapha type fasts only with hot water, a little rice broth and the ginger tea. For example, Vata and Pitta get 3 warm meals and a light rice or vegetable soup. The khichari - a dish made from lentils, rice and vegetables - is very popular (and not just at the end of the fast).
A new understanding of the diet, adapted yoga program and suitable exercises bring people back into harmony with nature. With an Ayurveda cure, we not only relieve the body, but also the spirit, the mind and the emotions.

"The balance of metabolism, digestion, body tissues and excretions as well as the bliss of awareness, mind and senses are there
the prerequisites for health. "

Ayurvedic fasting cure 16.5. - 20.5.22

As an experienced fasting leader, I will accompany you through this gentle but very effective Ayurvedic fasting cure for 6 days.