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          - From the airport take the bus to Malaga, change trains in Malaga - Estación de Autobus de Málaga, then take the bus to Torrox Costa- ALSA - Mal-Cuev N Nerja (Cuevas), the link: Airport - Torrox Costa (ticket for 15€ -  2 Std.)


My name is Monika Jyoti Krabac. I am the founder of Ayurveda Oasis and Yoga Vidya Center in Torrox Costa.
I am a trained Yoga teacher (BYV), Ayurveda masseur (BYVG), Marma therapist and Ayurvedic nutritionist (Ayuskama School Rishikesh), Ayurvedic fasting leader (HP School I. Richter), Holistic therapist, Reiki teacher (Inge Schubert), Expression-painting teacher (Susanne Häcker).

With great gratitude I look back on my yoga path. I have been practicing yoga with passion and joy since 2009. I can no longer imagine a life without yoga. Yoga is a blessing for me and my body and mind. So I like to share my knowledge about yoga and health with my yoga students and anyone who is interested in this practice.
My enthusiasm for Ayurveda and the associated opportunity to support people in their health and well-being has continued to grow over the years. My preference for healthy eating was able to fully develop in Ayurvedic cuisine. The magic of the Ayurvedic spices, the scents, colors and my new diet - adapted to my constitutional type - are pure blessings.

I found a deep understanding of Ayurveda within me. I am infinitely grateful for that.

Our Yoga room

is welcoming, friendly and cosy. Come by and see for yourself.

Visit our infrared cabine

In the Ayurveda Oasis we use the infrared cabin to get you in the mood for the massages and treatments.

In addition, the deep heat has many health benefits. Bathing in infrared heat is even highly recommended by many doctors and therapists. It helps with pain, tension, rheumatism, detoxification, high blood pressure, strengthens the cardiovascular system and the immune system and much more.

Infrared radiation is part of the natural radiation from the sun and was used in the past to accelerate healing processes. The big advantage of infrared cabins is that the strain on the circulatory system is not as high as in other saunas.

Read about the other benefits here....

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