Treatment of body, mind and soul - for more strength, joy of life and peace. Similar to yoga, Reiki brings us into the here and now, strengthens our self-healing powers and gives us new energy and strength. The name Reiki comes from Japanese and describes the "universal life energy". Reiki is natural healing energy that flows through the hands of the user. It solves all worries, fears, suffering and pain, provided you are ready internally, and transforms them into light and love. The flow of this energy causes body, mind and soul to come into harmony and harmony with one another and new life energy is supplied.


Chakra Balancing

ensures that the vibrations in our physical body can flow freely and healthy again from all other energy levels. The chakras are comparable to energy vortices that protrude from the front and back of the body of living beings and supply us and our surroundings with energy. The harmony of our chakras is crucial for our physical and mental health. There are 7 or 9 main chakras. In my work I can show you which blockages and disorders you have in your chakras. The aim of the treatment is to activate, cleanse and harmonize the energy centers.

60min. 50€

Meridian Balancing

In Chinese medicine, meridians are energy channels through which energy currents flow and supply the entire body according to their own special rules and form an energy cycle. Complaints such as pain and illness arise when the flow of energy is disturbed. Meridian Balancing works without needles. This is achieved through gentle massage of the meridians or targeted treatment of the acupuncture points (e.g. with the help of tuning forks). The aim of this treatment is to bring your energy flow back into balance.

60min. 50€