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Sports massage promotion - 10%

The muscles are often hardened, tense and painful after training. With the sports massage we relieve this tension, improve blood circulation, release blockages in the musculoskeletal system and ensure good regeneration of the muscles throughout the body. By applying the warm fango pack, the pain is relieved and the tense muscles can relax even more intensively. Suitable for strong tension. Recommended in combination with an infrared cabin.

60min. €45 instead of €50 90min. €65 instead of €70

- wellness packages -

Make yourself and your partner a present

Romantic evening for two
Surprise your partner with a pampering evening in our Ayurveda Oasis.
This package includes the following services:
Entrance to the infrared cabin - 30min.
2 full body massages - 1 hour each
Rest afterwards - 30min.
soft drink and pastry
Price: 119€

Treat yourself or give away a pampering evening in our Ayurveda Oasis

- wellness package Single -

This package includes the following services:
Entrance to the infrared cabin - 30min.
1 full body massage - 1.5 hour
Rest afterwards - 30 min.
soft drink and pastry
Price: 85€
69€/with 1 hour massage

Shirodhara - forehead pouring with a full body massage

Suitable for burnout or too much stress - for deep physical and mental relaxation
A wonderful combination of a pampering full body massage and a forehead shower ensures deep relaxation. The treatment begins with Abhyanga (approx. 60 minutes) and then follows the forehead shower (15-20 minutes).
As an alternative to the full body massage, you can also book a back or face massage.

Shirodhara is performed with warm oil flowing over the forehead and head. It calms the entire nervous system, relaxes the mind and is also recommended for insomnia, headaches, tinnitus, sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, dizziness, memory loss and eye diseases.
A deep inner peace and balance flow through the body.

80min €75 - 60 mins Full body massage or back massage + 15-20 min Shirodhara
60min 60€ - 40 min Back or Face massage + 15-20 min. Shirodhara

Beauty Treatment - Indian Dream

(Abhyanga + Ayurvedic face rejuvenating Namaste)

Indian Dream is a dreamlike combination of Abhyanga - the Ayurvedic full body oil massage and the Namaste facial treatment. The treatment begins with Abhyanga (approx. 60 minutes) and then you can be pampered with the rejuvenating facial treatment Namaste (approx. 60 minutes). The ritual is rounded off with a pampering tea.


Performed with warm vegetable oils, the Abhyanga full body massage is one of the most beneficial and effective forms of treatment in Ayurvedic health science. Abhyanga has many positive effects on the body as well as on the human psyche. Here are some examples of how Abhyanga works:

  •     strengthens the nervous system
  •     relieves fatigue and strengthens the body
  •     cleans and strengthens the tissue
  •     reduces muscle and joint pain and makes the joints supple
  •     improves eyesight
  •     improves blood circulation and creates a feeling of lightness in the body
  •     strengthens against skin infections
  •     increases muscle tone and physical strength
  •     improves sleep and helps with insomnia
  •     increases the body's immune defenses
  •     creates self-confidence
  •     slows down the aging process
  •     rejuvenates prematurely aged tissue
+ NAMASTE facial treatment
This facial treatment is a rejuvenating multi-stage skin treatment with cleansing, peeling, active ingredient concentrate, face mask, neck and face massage and nourishing cream. The skin is tightened and revitalized by the different applications. Pigment disorders and wrinkles are reduced. Let yourself be pampered with exotic fragrance compositions made from natural Ayurvedic plant extracts such as jasmine, rose, aloe vera, neroli...
Abyanga + facial treatment: 120 min. 89€

Visit our infrared cabin

In the Ayurveda Oasis we use the infrared cabin to get you in the mood for the massages and treatments.

In addition, the deep heat has many health benefits. Bathing in infrared heat is even highly recommended by many doctors and therapists. It helps with pain, tension, rheumatism, detoxification, high blood pressure, strengthens the cardiovascular system and the immune system and much more.

Infrared radiation is part of the natural radiation from the sun and was used in the past to accelerate healing processes. The big advantage of infrared cabins is that the strain on the circulatory system is not as high as in other saunas.

from 7€ as an additional service before the massage or bonus card 5 visits/50€ without massage

Read the benefits....

Our Special Offer for Couples

Special offer for couples. Save €10 and sign up! Pay €25 for a monthly card for instead of €30