Treatment for Tinnitus

Many people often suffer from severe back, neck and jaw tension due to stress. Sometimes even annoying noises in the ears (tinnitus) and teeth grinding occur. Through this burden one loses the joy of life and life becomes a great burden.

Jaw, neck, head and ear massage

Soothing Ayurvedic massage to stimulate blood circulation and relax deeply.

60min 50 €
available with ear candles

in combination with foot relfex zone massage
75min. €60

Complete program

We heartily invite you.
Enjoy our Ayurvedic full body massage,
especially massage of the head, jaw and neck,
oil bath of the ears - Karna Purana,
as well as a soothing massage of the soles of the feet, which can lead to deep relaxation.

Ear candles can also be used instead of an oil bath.
120 min. € 99