Meditation courses

Meditation helps to achieve more serenity, inner peace, energy and joy in everyday life. For many people, regular meditation has become part of their daily routine. Because right now in this day and age, it is particularly important to center yourself and to find the middle again.
The lesson begins with various yoga and breathing exercises to make the whole body flexible and to prepare for meditation.

Silent Meditation with Arne: Tuesdays: 8pm - 9pm
Energy Meditation: Fridays: 9:30am - 10:30am

Gratis (or donation)

What are the benefits of learning meditation?

The term meditation came from the Latin "meditation" thinking, reflecting. Sometimes it is derived from Latin medium - middle, center. And that is exactly what we want in meditation: we want to get to our center, to our deeper core. The goal of meditation is the complete awareness and mindfulness in the here and now, without concrete thoughts. On the way there are different steps and concentration techniques that help us to calm the mind. If the mind is fully focused, we reach the state of perfect thought silence - perfect awareness without any concrete thought content. Then we rest in our true being, experience happiness and inner peace.

"Meditation helps to achieve more serenity, inner peace and joy in everyday life. Bring more energy, inspiration and positivity into our lives. We are developing a positive and healthier lifestyle. After just one week of practice you can notice changes in your psyche. You become calmer, More relaxed and relaxed. You will learn to observe your thoughts instead of getting lost in them. You will learn to look at the familiar from a different perspective and to appreciate the familiar in a new way. You will gain a certain distance from everyday life. Meditation also leads so that your mind can set the processes in motion that are necessary for your physical and mental health and your well-being ... Even the constant carousel of thoughts and the simultaneous completion of different activities in everyday life saps our energy and strength reserves. Meditation stops these chains of thought and daily routines which, like automatisms, are completely unconscious and inattentive open. " (by Sukadev Bretz)

I am happy to show you the benefits of meditation in practice and to impart the background knowledge. Learn to increase life force, direct your thoughts and simply be happy and content for no reason.